CYS is active in the Nikkei community and participates in San Jose Japantown events and functions.

CYS is operated by the parents. Parent participation is absolutely necessary to the success and continuation of the organization and its programs. Parents are the manpower for all positions in the organization, and are expected to participate in the organizations's activities. The majority of the CYS operating budget is derived from registration fees, which includes a mandatory donation for the annual Pancake Breakfast on Mother's Day.

The CYS Board and Cabinet hope your children will enjoy CYS activities and look forward to meeting you at the annual Family Picnic.

CYS Officers

Kelly Okamoto-Lou, President
Cindy Ando, Secretary
Krista Mizusaki, Treasurer

CYS Cabinet

Carol Tsuchiya, Membership
Sandy Kawamoto, Manpower

Board of Directors

Jonathan Chen and Kami Hirata-Chen
Marcus and Diane Kai
Jay and Jane Kakinami
Brian and Annette Lowe
Todd and Theresa Makiyama
David and Tori Sakurai
Darrell Wong and Lorna Okada
Jason and Dorothy Wong

Sports Commissioners

Basketball Commissioner: Alex Chan
Instructional Basketball Commissioner: Kelli Kawashima
Boy's Basketball Commissioner: Keith Wong
Girl's Basketball Commissioner: Tiffany Nishimura
Basketball Tournament Director: Mindy Connors
Bowling Commissioner: Denise & Craig Kanazawa
Dance Commissioner: Kristin Kawayoshi-Lee
Dance Commissioner: Wise Uemura
Golf Commissioner: Kevin Quan
Judo Commissioner: Chuck Jefferson
Tennis Commissioner: Alanna Yamada
Volleyball Commissioner: Steve Lee