To encourage volunteerism and a continued connection to CYS and the greater Japantown community as students progress through their middle school and high school years, CYS will certify Awards in the Kids and Young Adult categories.

Guidelines for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award

To receive a CYS Presidential Volunteer Service Award, the volunteer must:

  1. Be an active member of CYS and at least in 7th grade (the grade level at which students are required to work at Pancake Breakfast). Volunteer service hours can be recorded beginning in the 6th grade. For younger kids, please contact the Committee.
  2. Document the hours volunteered by using a CYS Activity Record Form.
    • At least 20 hours of the total number of hours volunteered must serve a Japantown or Nikkei organization. At least three (3) of these hours must be at a CYS-sponsored event/activity.
    • Since there are numerous volunteer hours undertaken by students during the summer, hours volunteered after June 1, 2011 can be counted (as long as CYS forms are turned in).
    • Any student turning 15 years old prior to May 13, 2012 (the next pancake breakfast) can count hours volunteered at the 2011 pancake breakfast/family picnic, since the total number of hours required for Young Adults (vs. Kids) jumps significantly.
  3. Turn in all forms to the attention of the CYS Education Committee ( ).
  4. Awards will be presented at future CYS general membership events.

For questions or feedback, contact Hamby at Thank you for participating in this promising new activity!