2016 marks the 55th Anniversary of the San Jose Japanese American Community Youth Service (CYS).  

The CYS Board and Cabinet have discussed the role CYS plays in supporting our membership, and determined that this is an appropriate time to stretch our impact on youth and in our community. The Board therefore authorized development of a program that supports the preparation of our youth to continue their education after high school.

This Education Initiative provides supportive activities to help high school teens and their families prepare for college admissions and vocational training. The specific activities to be pursued will be determined based on member interest, consisting of activities such as the following:

  • Providing scholarships as a resource to our youth and a focused opportunity for donors interested in supporting an educational program.
  • Involving youth in developing and setting priorities for the Education Program, as well as structuring existing CYS activities to support college preparation.
  • Supporting youth community service and leadership development.
  • Providing discussion forums for member families to understand college preparation requirements and admission processes.
  • Connecting educational coaching, career introduction, and mentoring opportunities through the network of present and past CYS members.

The CYS Board believes that the Education Program could become one of CYS' most important and exciting activities. Initial feedback indicates that there is significant interest in this program. For further information, please contact us through the submission form below.

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